Pleasant Hill Garden Study Club
2006 Plant Sale Info... mostly for members preparation
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.  Saturday, May 13, 2006
at the PHRPD's Winslow Center
2590 Pleasant Hill Road
SE Corner of Pleasant Hill Road at Taylor Blvd.
entrance is from Pleasant Hill Road (location map)

For Members....Ideas on Getting Ready for Our May 13 Plant Sale  
By Marlina Hartley, Plant Sale Chair  (...from Flower Press) 2006plantsthumb.jpg
    The rain this past month may have been dreary, but it's great for plants you have potted for the sale. They most definitely are loving it!  If you have plants that you haven't potted yet, please do it soon to get some roots established in their new pots.
   It is a little unnerving not knowing what anyone has, but past years have shown that there is an abundance of wonderful healthy plants that come pouring in from members on the day prior to the sale.
   We will be pricing plants at the sale, so there is no need to worry about marking a price on your plants.
   The information that customers always seem to want to know is the name of the plant, whether annual or perennial (A or P works), color of bloom, sun or shade lover, height, water needs/drought tolerant, hummingbird/ butterfly plant. 
     If you have a computer, we will give you information at the April meeting on how to do your labels. If you have a number of the same plant, this is definitely the way to go.
   If you don't have a computer, we will be giving you names of people to contact who can make labels for you. They'll need from you all of the plant's information and the number you will have of each. We want to make labeling as painless as possible and have it look as professional as we can.
   Remember to bring along your photos or pictures from catalogs or websites that illustrate your plant in its full glory.
   If you can supply a reference book on sale day, that would also be a big help to our members who are answering questions.
   Boxes are needed in abundance, so start saving good ones. We will need your carts and wagons, too (we've never lost any!) and most especially some of your time to help out on May 12 and 13.
   Please call me if you have any questions. My number is 827-4390.

Update on Plant Label Guidelines for PHGSC 2006 Plant Sale
as distributed at April membership meeting… with some additional annotations by WWW editor 
Use Avery 8160 standard (or comparable) address labels (1” x 2 5/8”) and font size 9 to 11

H   Here’s how to mark your plant labels to give maximum information:
·        Plant name (common and/or botanical)
·        A for annual or P for perennial
·        for sun, Sh for shade
            -   if you are using WORD, look in the “Insert>Symbol” menu for the sun symbol (character code 263C)
·        Give height in approximate inches; width too if appropriate
·        Give color of flower if known
·         water – high water needs (WORD character code 2191)
·         water – low water needs (WORD character code 2193)
·        Any other tips such as ‘reseeds freely’, lovely scent (check in Sunset’s Western Gardening)

Photo you have taken of plant in bloom or a color picture from internet or catalog is very helpful.

Price not needed.


Euphorbia characias wulfenii – 2’h x 3’w
Psun, ↓water
Lime green flowers, self seeds  
Nasturtium – trailing
A – Sun – reseeds
solft yellow flower 
Chrysanthemum parthenium “Golden feather” (Feverfew)
aka Tanacetum parthenium “Golden feather”
(and reseeds freely), 18”, small daisy flowers

☼ or light Sh
, ↓ water

If you don’t have a computer, have a number of the same plant, and need help labeling, call Dianne Johnsen @ 676-9315 with the above information.
General Map of Plant Sale Area

April 22d, 2006
Members of the Plant Sale Committee Visit the Winslow Center to Review Plant Sale Layout

PrePlant01.jpg PrePlant02.jpg PrePlant03.JPG
and discuss Plant Sale price list..... which will be marked using paste-on "dots" prior to Sale on Friday...
tentative, but probably final pricing Committee recommendation is:

Dot Color            Price            Examples                                                        

Blue          bluebutton.gif        $1                4" annuals / 6 pack annuals

Red           redbutton.gif       $2                4" perennial / 4" hebrs and vegetables / 6 pack perennials

Purple       purplebutton.gif        $3                1 gal vegetable (probably mostly tomatoes)

Green        greenbutton.gif        $3.50           1 gal perennial

Orange      orangebutton.gif        as priced      special plants, or large or small plants

Note:  Committee members will be on-the-scene Friday to price the plants. 
April 22d, 2006.... paraphrased from the PHGSC's April Newsletter "Flower Press"
"Another Spectacular Plant Sale is Almost Here"
by Marlina Hartley, Plant Sale Chair
    As you know, our club's big plant sale and ONLY fundraiser of the year is Saturday, May 13, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The location will be at the successful  Winslow Center site, on the corner of Pleasant Hill Road and Taylor Boulevard.
    We should have a spectacular sale because of the late season. I think our customers will be in a mood to shop and buy, since what was planted in the ground too early may have either drowned in the rain or deteriorated because of the cool soil.
    Many people have already signed up to help at least two hours - and often more - on either Friday, May 12, to set up, or on Saturday, to work at the sale.
    It's not too late if you didn't volunteer yet. We can definitely use more help, especially on Friday. That's when we'll set up the entire area, price all the plants, and do any last minute labels so no one has to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Please call me if you are willing to lend a hand.
    Remember to get you flyers out. Display them in your car window. Ask to put them in local businesses. Ask to put them in local businesses. Post one at your place of work. Call Eileen or me if you need more copies.
    Keep saving small boxes, lids, and flats so we will have lots on sale day. Bring the with you on sale set-up day when you drop off plants - which can be anytime after 2 p.m. on Friday, May 12.
    Also, we can use your wagons, carts, etc. for customers to transport plants. (We have never lost any!)
    Call any of us for help getting your plants to the Winslow Center so we can schedule a pick up.
    By that time, your plants shold be labeled, but if they are not, please have the name and description of you plant in writing to give to a label maker.
    Contacts:  Marlina: 827-4390, Dianne: 676-9315, Eileen: 944-4898.

Pictures from the 2006 Plant Sale (click here...)
Thank You, Everyone, For Your Tremendous Support
From Marlina Hartley, Plant Sale Chair (originally in June 2006 “Flower Press”)
   As you know, our 2006 plant sale made nearly $4,000 after deducting expenses – another amazing year for the club.
   Although the total wasn’t as much as last year, we came in well above the $3,575 average of our previous five years – a worthy performance if we were a mutual fund, as Kathy Mendenhall, our treasurer, points out.
   Beyond the dollars, I also consider the sale a success for our members and for the club as an organization. We couldn’t do this without everyone who takes time to grow the plants, as well as all those who contribute in other ways.
   It seems that each year, more and more people are helping on the set-up and at the sale. It’s hard, heavy, and exhausting work, and yet new people pitch in with the many who keep doing it year after year. Obviously we have fun at it.
   I especially appreciate those who devoted time to come and help on Friday or Saturday. Sara Hoyer provided me with a rewarding comment: “Though I didn’t want to be dragged away from my beloved vegetables, I really enjoyed working with, and getting to know, some of the other members of the club in the other areas of the sale. Tallying was actually fun… though not everyone got it when I started singing ‘Come Mr. Tallyman, tally me bananas.’”
   This truly what I had hoped would happen – that people would gain confidence in different areas where they weren’t so familiar, and along the way would get a chance to get to know other club members. I can only hope that others felt the same as Sara.
   Thanks to everyone in the club who grew plants, made labels, passed out fliers, shopped, and worked with set-up and sales. And a special thanks to the hard working committee!!

Pictures from 2005 Plant Sale ... click here