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November 6th - Meeting & Program "Urban Farming @ Rodgers Ranch"
September 4th Meeting & Program: "Autumn -- California's Second Spring" and Tomato Tasting

August 7th Meeting & Program: "Unique Gardens of the World are Marvelous Attractions".
July -- no meeting
June --
May 1st Meeting & Program - Orchids 101: Demystifying the Plant... click to see pictures
April 2nd Meeting & Program - Foraging for Edibles
March 17th Workshop Building Succulent Garden Trays
March Meeting & Program -- Edible Perennials
February 25th Trip to Golden Gate Palms and Wave Garden
February Meeting& Program -- Propagating from You Own Garden
January Meeting & Program-- Vertical Gardening

January 3rd Meeting Program
February Meeting & Program
Kathy Echols
February 25th Trip to Golden Gate Palms & Wave Garden in Richmond.... lots more pictures in Picture Galleries
trip to GGP & Wave Garden
March Meeting & Program
March 17th Succulent Tray Workshop at Jack & Carol Gioletti's.... pictures

It was like Santa’s workshop, only on St. Patrick’s Day! 

The welcome rains gave us a break in order for ten PHGSC members to join up in Jack Giolitti’s workshop on Saturday, March 17 to assemble 25 garden trays and an extra two for planting. 

All the wood preparation by Jan and Tom Egan and Jack Giolitti lead to the success of the workshop to meet this extended goal. Of course, the jigs created by Jack and his professional tools aided in our accomplishments! We heard compressors working, horseshoes being pounded and drills grinding. Everyone found a station and job to do. Fabulous teamwork!!!!!

Trays have been safely stored in my garage and will be delivered to the preparation area on the Friday prior to the sale.

Members who participated in materials preparation and workshop (in alphabetical order): Debra Arnold, Jan (and Tom) Egan, Maria Genova, Carol Giolitti, Jack Giolitti, Lynn Grassano, Rocco Grassano, Eileen Hammer Housfeld (photographer), Maria Lawrence, Susan Pratt and Lisa Robinson.

The two trays that will be planted with succulents have contributions from the gardens of Debbie Arnold, Jamison Crosby, George Hatch and Steve Morse.

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December 4th Meeting